upcycled plastic bottle poppies

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Poppies

Crafting Upcycled Plastic Bottle Poppies

Are you looking for a creative and eco-friendly way to decorate your home or garden. This is a super easy upcycled project that works for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. Rescue a few plastic bottles from the recycling bin for an easy fence flower craft to brightens your yard year-round.

Why Upcycled Plastic Bottle Flowers?

Upcycling is all about giving new life to discarded items, and plastic water and soda bottles are a prime candidate for transformation. Lightweight plastic bottles come in so many sizes and shapes, so they make a creative mix for your upcycled flowers. These items are very prevalent in our daily life, so it won’t take long to gather a collection of plastic bottles to upcycle into a field of fence flowers.

Materials You’ll Need

plastic bottle poppies

  1. Empty plastic bottles
  2. Scissors and utility knife
  3. Red spray paint: Rustoleum 2X is my favorite
  4. Acrylic paint in black and brushes
  5. Heat gun/tool or tea lights (optional)
  6. Staple gun or drill with screws: for attaching to fence


Step 1: Preparing the Plastic Bottles for Poppy Flowers

plastic bottle poppies

Rinse and clean your empty bottles thoroughly. When they’re dry, use your utility knife to cut off the bottom portion of each bottle to create the flower petals. I left about 1.5” above the base at this step.

Step 2:  Shaping the Flower

plastic bottle poppies

Using small scissors, carefully cut out rounded flower petal shapes, following the lines of your plastic bottle bottom.

Heat the edges of each petal with a heat gun (also called a heat tool) or carefully pass them over the flame on a tea light to form a wavy petal shape. This works best for single layer, clear plastic bottles.

Most of my plastic bottle poppies were made with Perrier bottles which are apparently made from 3 payers of plastic, so they didn’t take well to the heat gun process. The things you learn when upcycling!

Step 3: Painting the Plastic Bottle Poppies

plastic bottle poppies

Spray paint both sides of your cut flowers using red spray paint for a traditional red poppy. The red poppies are traditional for Remembrance Day celebrations, and they really pop on the fence, but feel free to make your poppies any color you’d like.

plastic bottle poppies

Once the spray paint is dry, use black acrylic paint to define the center of your poppy.

Step 4: Assembling the Poppies

Once the plastic bottle poppies are completely dry take you have a few options to display your plastic bottle poppies.

plastic bottle poppies

I chose to make a field of poppies on my fence. You can staple them directly to your fence with a staple gun. Using longer prong staples was really helpful for the heavier plastic bottle flowers. You could also screw them into the fence pretty easily.

You could also attach wires or even pipe cleaners through the center as stems and make indoor or outdoor bouquets from your plastic bottle poppies.

Display and enjoy!

plastic bottle poppies

I used these plastic bottle poppies to cover the base of my other fence flowers where the green hose “stems” ended near the ground. We routinely get comments and questions from the neighbors about how to make these, so it’s been a great jumping off point about how to make upcycled fence flowers. So many options for a long lasting and colorful repurpose project.

These plastic bottle poppies are a nice compliment to these Upcycled Fence Flowers.

See how we used these in The Giant Fairy Garden.

Happy crafting!


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