The Giant Fairy Garden

The Giant Fairy Garden

Welcome to the Giant Fairy Garden!

Most elements in the Giant Fairy Garden are thrift store finds or repurposed household items with the goal to showcase creative reuse and inspire imagination.

This project is a creative evolution that will continue to grow and change, so stop by often to see what’s new.

How To Make A Giant Fairy Garden

The Giant Fairy Garden

The Giant Fairy Garden started with three old snow tires from a car that was totaled in an accident.

I imagined a life-sized wishing well with animals and flowers all around, like the fairy garden we had when my daughter was a little girl, only way bigger!

1. Start with Structure and a Place to Sit

Wishing Well

The wishing well is a favorite for visitors of all sizes.

The Giant Fairy Garden

Old tires spray painted red form the base of our wishing well. A happy koi fish sits atop a pizza pan, painted blue, covering the wishing well so unwanted critters don’t move in. An old beer bucket got a new coat of paint and hand lettered Wish.

We used artificial turf so the fairies will have green grass year-round, no mowing required.

Feel free to drop a coin and make a wish, it all goes to support local art.

2. Add Flowers to your Giant Fairy Garden

To attract fairies to the Giant Fairy Garden, we needed lots of flowers and animals.

Fence Flowers

The fence shows a variety of flowers made from repurposed household items; can you guess what they were?

The Giant Fairy Garden

Giant Daisies crafted from plastic chip and dip plates with a coat of yellow paint in the center. A leaky hose get new life as whimsical flower stems.

Learn how to make Upcycled Fence Flowers from plastic outdoor dinner plates, it’s easier than you think.

The Giant Fairy Garden

Sunflowers started out as metal steamers ($1 from the thrift store!) spray painted a happy yellow on both sides with black painted centers, and thrifted plastic plates, spray painted green, form the giant leaves.


The Giant Fairy Garden

The Red Poppies are recycled plastic water bottles, cut, and spray painted red then stapled into the fence.

See how easy it is to make your own Plastic Water Bottle Poppies. Take your creativity out for a playdate and give it a try.

The Giant Fairy Garden

The tall red flowers are mini-Bundt pans, spray painted red and glued to a “wall-shelf-thingy” with a glorious green paint job, all thrift store finds.

Check out the base of this whimsical flower, it has a mini fairy garden of its own!


3. Cultivate Woodlands for the Giant Fairy Garden

No fairy garden is complete without woodland mushrooms to make a home for gnomes and animals that travel from far and wide to visit.

The Giant Fairy Garden

Tall flowers and vines offer shelter for the fairies.


The Giant Fairy Garden

Giant Mushrooms are a great home for visiting gnomes from the neighborhood.

Make your own Bundt Pan Mushrooms and see how many gnomes come to visit.

4. Invite Giant Animals to your Giant Fairy Garden

Animals feel right at home in the Giant Fairy Garden.

The Giant Fairy Garden

The pig, frogs, birds, ladybug, and hedgehog all migrated from local thrift stores.

The dog lives in the house next to the Giant Fairy Garden, but she likes to visit often.

The Giant Fairy Garden

A bird made from PVC pipe found at a local thrift store.

Checkout out the dragonflies, they’re made from metal whisks, and so are the flowers below.


Hubcap Alley

Around the corner from the Giant Fairy Garden you will find a wall of flowers made from upcycled hubcaps (all locally sourced, of course) and a wide variety of other fence flowers to encourage all the fairies to stay a while.

The Giant Fairy Garden

Locally found hubcap flowers from the Park Hill neighborhood.


The Giant Fairy Garden

Thrift store baskets and giant paint stir sticks with a fabulous paint job.


Butterfly Lane

Across the way you will see a kaleidoscope of colorful butterflies (that’s the collective name for a group of butterflies!) all made from recycled aluminum cans.

The Giant Fairy Garden

Upcycled soda cans become colorful butterflies with a coat of paint.

Try your hand at this easy recycled art project and make your own Drink Can Butterflies.

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Lauren

    You should start a social media tag we can use to post our community enjoying this space! So creative and my kids love walking our dog by it and also to and from school! Happy to donate items!

    • Joanne

      Great suggestions. I’m so glad to hear that your kiddos love the Giant Fairy Garden! ~ Joanne

  2. Ellen

    This is fabulous! I love the diverse array of flowers.

    • Joanne

      Thanks! ~ Joanne


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