Bloom fence art

How to Make Repurposed Garden Art Words

How to Make Repurposed Garden Art Words

Repurposed garden art BLOOM

I am having so much fun making repurposed garden art from thrift store items and recycled materials.

I’ve created some lovely fence flowers from different plastic plates and trays in pinks and purples, but they still needed a little more bling.

Having seen some really cute and creative fence art I knew just what I wanted to make our back fence really BLOOM.

Repurposing Found Objects as Garden Art

Repurposed garden art BLOOM

While on the hunt at my local Goodwill I came across this metal B and M, sitting side by side. It was too good to pass by and I knew that finding the rest of the letters to make BLOOM would be easy.

I used the wooden dowel from an old paper towel stand for the L and came across two circular items of the right scale for the letter O. One O is a metal Jell-O mold, and the other O was a plastic starburst mirror.

Supplies Needed:

  • found objects for letters (Ideally of similar size and scale)
  • spray paint
  • screws and drill
  • nails and hammer

I wanted the letters to more a little more uniform. The two items for the letter O were already metallic colors, but the rest were random colors that really didn’t look great together.

Spray paint to the rescue!

Repurposed garden art BLOOM

I used a gold metallic spray paint by Rustoleum, first covering the back sides and then spraying the fronts. It worked great on the different materials with good adhesion to the wood, metal, and plastic letters.

It was too windy outside for spray paint, so I chose to lay plastic sheeting in the garage (really it’s a workshop since we’ve never, ever parked a car in there) and spray away.

Creating Repurposed Fence Art

Repurposed garden art BLOOM

The metal B and M, as well as the Jell-O mold O already had wall hangers. I just placed screws in the fence and hung those letters easily.

To hang the starburst mirror O, I placed a screw at the top and one at the bottom to anchor that in place on the fence.

The wooden dowel L needed two small holes pre-drilled and then I hammered nails in to secure to the fence. The dog went a little crazy with the hammering. I guess she thought someone was banging on the door… I’ll try to stick with screws for the future!

Decorating with Fence Flowers

Bloom fence art

This fence is in our backyard where we used to have very happy vegetable gardens. Over the years we’ve scaled back and planted a giant trampoline instead of veggies.

I wanted to add a little more drama to this back area since we don’t currently have any flowers growing here.

plastic plate flower 5

I added a few more Fence Flowers and that created the pop of color I wanted.

plastic fence flowers

The yellows, pinks and purples added a little more structure. You can see how I made the fence flowers here.

I would love to know how you are adding repurposed garden art to your fence!

Happy Crafting!


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